About Us

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of this school are that our graduates will attain their barber license and become gainfully employed in their chosen profession. The Flint Institute of Barbering, Inc. training program is designed to provide our students with the marketable skills and the knowledge to obtain initial entry-level employment as a barber and subsequently realize their maximum career potential in the Profession of Barbering.

Institutional Philosophy

The Flint Institute of Barbering was founded for the sole purpose of teaching the skills of barbering to any interested, sincere and qualified individual who had the desire to become a licensed barber under the laws of the State of Michigan. Although the views of this school have not changed in the ensuing years from that premise, barbering iteself has changed greatly in the past decade and now encompasses many more interesting and challenging areas of service to the public.

We at the Flint Institute of Barbering, Inc. have pledged to do our best in preparing our students to become a skilled Barber-Stylist who is capable of meeting the demands of the public in their hair-styling needs of today.

Institutional History

The Flint Institute of Barbering, Inc. was started in 1925 under the name, Flint Barber College, and was located at 721 S. Saginaw Street, Flint Michigan. In 1942 the school was closed due to the lack of students (World War II) until 1946, when it was reopened under the name of Greene’s Barber College of Flint at 118 1/2 E. Water Street, Flint, Michigan. The name was changed again in 1952 to the Flint Institute of Barbering. The Flint Institute of Barbering was incorparated as a Michigan Corporation on November 30, 1960.

The school was moved from the downtown location on Water Street to a building specifically designed and built for a barber college, the present location of 3214 Flushing Road in 1970. The school has had four Presidents: J. Leo Ayre 1925-1963 (deceased November 22, 1963), Virgil L. Coy 1963-1975, John L. Ayre 1975-2005, and Martha Ayre Poulos 2006 and current. Ownership has changed three times, from J. Leo Ayre to John L. Ayre in 1963; from John L. Ayre to John L. and Martha Ayre Poulos in 2000 and from John L Ayre and Martha Ayre Poulos to Martha Ayre Poulos in 2006.